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steadyrockin's Journal

The No Doubter
12 January
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***NO DOUBT! fan circa february 1996 :)***

0 ______/\|
are you a bad fish too?

riddle me this, batman:

if someone cut out your heart
and replaced it with an artificial one
but then fed you your real heart
would your stomach have the heart to digest it?

"you don't even know me so don't hate me,
sublime rockin' no doubt stylee,
we do it monday and on friday,
get back to the show 'cause it's payday,
11 o'clock, roll, roll it down,
rock the city with the number one sound,
long beat, long beach and it feels so fine,
rock this shit straight back to anaheim!"

~no doubt featuring bradley nowell of sublime - "total hate"~

i own a community about 1997 - the best year ever!